Amplitude Dashboard

Instructions for setting up a Connector to the Amplitude Dashboard API


Amplitude is an analytics platform that helps business owners understand how customers interact with their products. Data from Amplitude can be used to improve conversion rates and fuel growth by giving companies insights into what users do in-app.

Getting Started Connecting to Amplitude

First things first, you need to have an Amplitude account.

When setting up your charts in Amplitude:

  • Make sure each metric maps to a Segmentation chart.
  • Choose an individual event that maps to your metric.
  • Set each chart to track data weekly for the last 12 weeks.

Once your account has been created and it is pulling in data from your app, you’re ready to connect to AppFit.

1. Sign up for AppFit and add your project

2. Choose the Amplitude metrics you want to track in Appfit.

These should be metrics that you want your team to review on a weekly basis.

3. Connect AppFit to your Amplitude account.

You’ll need your organization ID, API Key, and Secret ID Key.

  • Your organization ID is found on the Amplitude login screen and in the url. For example:
  • Finding your API Key and Secret ID Key can be a little tricker. Follow these instructions from Amplitude to locate them. There’s pictures!

4. Now it’s time to make the data show up for each of those metrics you selected. Pick one to get started.

5. Enter the Chart ID for the metric you selected.

To find the ID, openAmplitude and in the browser url of the chart, you’ll see a series of letters and numbers that come after “/chart/”. This is your Chart ID. Enter it in the green box in AppFit and hit “Save”

Updating your Amplitude connection

1. To make changes to your Amplitude connection, tap Connectors from the menu

2.Select your Amplitude connector

3. Update the field that has changed for your project

Grouping your metrics by Platform

Grouping your metrics by Platform helps you understand how your users use your product in different ways. Do your iOS users perform more key events than your Android users? Do you convert more users on the web? These are questions that you can answer by grouping your metrics by platform.

To get started, all you have to do is go into your Amplitude chart and click the ...grouped by field.

Make sure you select Platform. At this time, AppFit does not support any other way to group your metrics.