Benefits of AppFit

We Help You Form Healthy Business Habits

While research somewhat supports the idea that you can form a habit in just under three weeks, it takes an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. Hard to do, right? We know it is, because we’ve worked with numerous business owners and startup teams who have all of the tools they need to succeed, including access to top-tier data, and can’t seem to make it work. 

After years of analyzing these businesses and working with their founders, we were able to identify one of the core reasons for this lack of success: the inability to form a consistent habit around checking business analytics and implementing changes based on the metrics.

AppFit was developed around this framework, designed for the brain of a business owner who is interested in forming healthy habits but just can’t seem to find the motivation, consistency, and dedication to make those habits stick. We’ve designed AppFit to act as your business’s personal coach. 

Just follow our three-step method for getting your business in shape:

  1. Set a Specific Goal: Through the app’s simplified interface, you’re able to view the vital signs that are the most useful to your business’s health.
  2. Track the Goal: Check in on a weekly basis to view changes in metrics. Assign a team member to a task and leave notes for other departments all while creating discipline within your organization.
  3. Make it Easy to Repeat: With our regular updates, insights, and reminders, we make it easy to repeat the two steps above consistently enough so that you and your whole team are able to turn an action into a long-term habit. Helping your team build habits around analytics and data is our main goal. We want to make it simple and stress-free to check in with your business’s numbers and then implement the right changes based on what you see.

Monitor Your Company’s Health with an Easy-to-Use Interface

We’re not trying to revolutionize data reporting for businesses. There are plenty of great statistics and reporting tools out there that we love and use. What we are revolutionizing, however, is the way in which business owners and teams are able to digest, analyze, and implement those statistics. Simply put, we want to make business data easier to understand and use.

This is why AppFit pulls all of the relevant data you need into one simplified overview. We provide you with everything you need to see and nothing that you don’t. No distracting numbers, no superfluous graphs, and no annoying pop-ups or messages diverting your attention from the exact data you’re looking for.

Reminders to Get in Touch with Your Numbers

You might not work out with a personal trainer daily, and you might not go on a guided run regularly with your running app in your ears. However, when you receive consistent motivational messages and reminders from those apps, you’re subconsciously forming a habit that helps you improve your health and stay fit.

AppFit makes it simple to keep your business fit. We do so with simplified reporting, targeted feedback, and regular reminders to get in touch with your numbers. This fit business method helps ensure that you’re not only monitoring the right data, but that you’re making a habit out of it. What’s that got to do with business?

The average adult makes about 35,000 decisions every day. Even though the majority of those are going on in the background of your brain, making decisions takes time and effort. 

When you’re able to train your brain to do things on autopilot, like monitor your business’ statistics and health, you’re reducing the cognitive demand on your brain. That, in turn, frees your brain up to focus on what’s more important. You know, like running your business, engaging in partnerships, and everything else you need to do in order to grow your operations. 

Get Regular Feedback on Your Business’s Progress

Why is working with a personal trainer or training app so beneficial? A trainer maximizes your time at the gym or in your workouts to ensure that you’re spending the limited amount of time you have on only the most effective workouts needed to achieve your goals. In so many words, that’s what we’re doing here at AppFit.

We help you identify the data needed to achieve your business goals. Then, we provide you with an easy-to-understand overview of the current health of your business. Tap on any metric to receive more insight and to gain feedback on the progress of that metric or goal.

Just as we all have different bodies, genetics, medical histories, and muscle lengths, each business is different, and that’s what we want to cater to. We work to help ensure that your business is receiving the most helpful data at the right time. We then work to provide you with regular feedback on the progress of those metrics and goals, allowing you to not only make easy, actionable decisions on the spot, but also allowing you to form habits that will help launch you to higher heights of success.

Keep Your Business Fit with AppFit

As an entrepreneur or founder, you're always juggling a million things at once. It’s hard to not only know what you need to be focusing on, but to also form a habit around implementing changes based on the numbers you’re seeing. You know that it's important to stay healthy and have regular check-ins with your business numbers, but it's hard to make time for that in between the day-to-day tasks required to run a successful business.

AppFit is the solution for busy entrepreneurs who want to get their businesses in shape and stay on top of their analytics. With AppFit, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips - simplified data reporting, an easy interface, regular reminders, and feedback on how you're doing.