Why AppFit?

Does your team struggle with looking at data?

Simply looking at analytics on a dashboard isn’t going to grow your business. Sure, that’s helpful, but only if you make a conscious effort to do it on a consistent basis while also implementing changes based on the data you’re seeing. Easier said than done, right? We know. It’s why we created AppFit.

Stop wandering aimlessly week to week trying to make sense of your data. Appfit makes it easy for you and your team to stay on top of your metrics with the following benefits...

  • Keep your business healthy by monitoring key metrics
  • Set achievable goals that won’t overwhelm
  • Simplify what needs to be done each week
  • Develop & maintain healthy habits for your business
  • Easy to use interface that integrates with Amplitude, App Store Connect, Play Store
  • Weekly reminders for the team to check in on how the business is doing
  • Simple interface makes it easy to stay on track
  • Hold yourself and your team accountable