Startups are overwhelming.
Stay focused with AppFit.

AppFit helps you keep track of key events and how they impact your metrics.

Develop healthy habits for your business

Team Focus

Set a focus for what your team is doing right now and stick with it.

Focused Metrics

Concentrate on the just metrics that match your Focus each week.
AppFit will keep tabs on everything else.

Product Journal

Track everything going on with your business - changes to Price and Ad Spend, Releases, Outages, and more!
Graphic highlighting notifications in AppFit

Weekly Reports

Get weekly reports  for your team to check in on progress.
Graphic highlighting team interaction in AppFit

Team Accountability

Add the entire team - product, design, developers - so everybody knows how the business is doing
Graphic highlighting data automation in AppFit

Automated Metrics

Hook up Segment or Amplitude and AppFit will automatically pull in your metrics.
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Connect AppFit with Amplitude

Link your Amplitude events to metrics that fit your business goals so you can track them on a weekly basis.

How to Connect:
Create AppFit Account and set up your Project
Copy the API Key in your Project Settings.
Add AppFit as a Data Destination in Amplitude and paste API Key.

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