What is AppFit?

At Appfit, we believe that every company should look at their top level business metrics on a weekly basis. And, we believe in making business data easier to understand and use.

Our app will help coach you to stay consistent with this practice, whether that is by simplifying the amount of messy metrics you have to look at or by helping your team set achievable goals to enhance accountability and growth.

AppFit is the first business app that acts as an analytics coach for founders, entrepreneurs, and their teams. As an entrepreneur, you know that it’s hard to find time to work out or maintain healthy habits in your personal life. Often, it’s hard to find time to form those same healthy habits in your business, too. 

AppFit takes the pain out of monitoring your progress by simplifying business data, motivating you with weekly reminders to get in touch with your company's numbers, and giving you regular feedback on how well you're doing. We make it simple for you to stay on top of your business, and we’ll help you make a habit out of it, too.

Setting weekly business goals is an important part of running your company. Our app helps you set achievable long-term targets that will keep the team focused on progress, not just today’s numbers!