3rd Party Integrations
Product Journal Integrations

What is AppFit?

AppFit helps you keep track of key events and how they impact your metrics.

AppFit is a comprehensive analytics and product management tool designed to facilitate seamless, cross-platform management of analytics and product updates.

It supports direct integration with leading analytics services such as Amplitude and Segment, allowing for efficient data management and insights.

AppFit also introduces a unique Product Journal feature for logging updates and changes, which enhances team collaboration and understanding of how actions impact metrics.

Additionally, AppFit offers integration with Zapier to connect with over 2,000 apps, automating Product Journal entries and streamlining workflows.

Lasty, your team will receive a weekly email from AppFit that includes the metrics from the previous week as well as all the things the team did that week

Whether you're working on a mobile or desktop platform, AppFit provides the essential tools you need for efficient product management and analytics tracking.