Segment Destination

Instructions for setting up a Connector to the Segment Destination


Segment is a central data platform that allows you to send your event data to multiple sources. You can use it to send your event data to an analytics platform like Amplitude or a marketing lifecycle product like Braze.

Getting Started Connecting to Segment

First things first, you need to have a Segment account and you should have already set up your events. If you have not done that, please reach out to us about setting up some time to set up your analytics properly.

To forward your Segment data to AppFit, you will need to be an Admin or a Manager of a project.

Sign up for an AppFit account and create your Team.

Go to your Project Settings and copy your API key

To connect your Segment account to AppFit.

Log into your Segment account and click on Destinations
Click Add Destination and select the one for AppFit from the Catalog
On the Settings tab for the Destination, paste in your API Key and enable the Destination
To start forwarding events, go to the Mappings tab
Create a New Mapping for the Track event and have it send all events

Now you can map your Segment events to the metrics inside AppFit

Your metrics will begin to automatically update as Segment begins to forward event data on from your app to AppFit.