Amplitude Destination

Instructions for setting up a Connector to the Amplitude Dashboard API


Amplitude is an analytics platform that helps business owners understand how customers interact with their products. Data from Amplitude can be used to improve conversion rates and fuel growth by giving companies insights into what users do in-app.

Getting Started Connecting to Amplitude

First things first, you need to have an Amplitude account and you should have already set up your analytics. If you have not done that, please reach out to us about setting up some time to set up your analytics properly.

To forward your Amplitude data to AppFit, you will need to be either an Admin or a Manager of a project.

Sign up for an AppFit account and create your Team.

Go to your Project Settings and copy your API key.

To connect your Amplitude account to AppFit.

Log into your Amplitude account and Click on the Data tab.
Select Destinations from the left-hand navigation.
Click the Add Destination button.
Select AppFit from the list.
Create a new Sync for your Data.
Copy your API Key from AppFit and paste it into your Destination Settings in Amplitude.
Paste that value into the REST API key field

Now you can map your Amplitude events to the product metrics inside AppFit.

Your metrics will begin to automatically update as Amplitude begins to forward event data on from your app to AppFit.