3rd Party Integrations
Product Journal Integrations

Why should I use AppFit?

Does your team struggle with looking at data on consistent basis?

AppFit is the ultimate tool for product managers aiming to simplify their product management process and share their work with their team

Integration with Amplitude and Segment

Its direct integration with Amplitude and Segment offers an easy way to forward only the events you care about, drastically reducing the time spent on data management. This efficiency enables product managers to focus more on leveraging analytics for business growth.


The seamless, cross-platform functionality of AppFit ensures that whether you are at your desk or on the move, you have access to the tools you need to manage your product effectively.

Product Journal

The introduction of the Product Journal within AppFit marks a significant advancement in how product updates and changes are logged and analyzed. This feature provides a clear, chronological record of every action taken, making it easier to measure the impact of specific changes on overall product performance. The insights gained from the Product Journal can lead to more informed decisions, better team collaboration, and a deeper understanding of what drives user engagement and satisfaction.

Zapier Integration

In addition to these features, AppFit's integration with Zapier opens the door to unparalleled workflow automation, connecting with over 2,000 apps to automate the logging of important product events. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that all relevant data is captured and available for analysis.

With such capabilities, AppFit empowers product managers to simplify their product management processes, leading to more efficient decision-making and a stronger focus on growth and user experience. By choosing AppFit, you're not just adopting a tool; you're embracing a comprehensive solution designed to support the evolving needs of product management professionals.