The Newly Redesigned AppFit: A Product Manager's Best Friend

The Newly Redesigned AppFit: A Product Manager's Best Friend
The new AppFit

Why We Rebuilt AppFit

When we first built AppFit, we started with a strong focus on mobile. As we tracked our own analytics, we quickly recognized that we also needed to provide a tool that was equally efficient on desktops. Our users needed a seamless, cross-platform experience for managing analytics and product updates. As a result, we redesigned AppFit to work across both mobile and desktop platforms, offering the tools you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

What’s New?

Direct Integration with Amplitude and Segment

The updated AppFit simplifies integrating analytics from both Amplitude and Segment by allowing you to simplify forward your events from these systems into our AppFit Destination. This means you can spend less time managing data and more time leveraging it for business growth.

Introducing the Product Journal

Our new Product Journal feature allows you to log every update and change, providing a straightforward way to understand how each action impacts your metrics and helps improve team collaboration.

Streamline Your Workflows with Zapier

With Zapier integration, AppFit now connects with over 2,000 apps. Automate your Product Journal entries to make it even easier to keep track of important events - when they happen!

Getting Started

Starting with the updated AppFit is straightforward. Simply sign up for an account and create your project. You will automatically be placed in a free trial for our Starter Plan.

You can then go to the Integrations screen to hook up your Amplitude or Segment account.

Once you have verified that data is flow, you can edit your Metrics to use the appropriate events for your application.

In Closing

The revamped AppFit is designed to support product managers in managing analytics and product updates efficiently, whether you're using a desktop or on the move. By listening to your feedback, we've developed a solution that works across all devices, enabling faster and better decision-making.

Try the new AppFit today to help you simpiify your product management process.

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